1. How can I join your faucets?

In order to claim on our faucets, you have to register an account ("register" on the top right menu). You can use every wallet address you want (all transactions are not based on a specific micro-wallet).

2. How much can I gain with your faucets?

Our payout is USD based.
0,006 - 0,01 USD is the normal payout for 1-hour activity.
These value can vary due of the ads income and the crypto market conditions.
These values, rounded to a crypto-specific decimal places, are updated on thursday and monday with the current exchange rate.

3. How can I gain from your faucets without any risk or investments?

There are three ways you can get some cryptocurrency, without risk:
- Claim Faucet: one claim every 30 minutes
- Roll Dice: one roll every hour
- Snake game: 3 full rounds every day

4. What other games do you have?

We have other games, but remember they are risky and you can loose everything:
- HI-LO: You bet some crypto and select the chance you win;
- FORTUNE HUNTER: you have 1/3 chance to triple your bet;
- LOTTERY/RAFFLE: you buy some tickets and join the lottery;

5. How much is the treshold (minimum amount for withdrawals) for your faucets?

Treshold can vary for every cryptocurreny, depending on transaction cost fees.
Bitcoin (BTC): 0,00005 (5000 satoshi) - Withdrawal Fee: FREE
Dogecoin (DOGE): 40 - Withdrawal Fee: 4 DOGE
Tron (TRX): 10 - Withdrawal Fee: 0.22 TRX
Litecoin (LTC): 0,004 - Withdrawal Fee: FREE

6. How much time does it take the withdrawals?

We process payments twice a week (on monday and thusday) and we check every user that requested payment with antibot system.
You will see "pending" on your withdrawal history when the payment has not been processed / has 0 confirmations from network. You will see "paid" when the payment gets first confirmation. You need to wait three confirmation to see the payment credited to your wallet.

7. How can I withdraw?

You can withdraw simply clicking on your balance (top-right), then withdraw.

8. Can I exchange cryptocurrencies won in your faucets in order to hit fast a treshold?

Not at the moment. We are working on an internal and automated exchange script.

9. How can I contact the assistence?

There are several ways to get in touch with us:
- Email: support@crazynetwork.info
- Contact form (on the faucet menu)
- Telegram t.me/Crazynetw0rkChat
- Facebook fb.me/CrazyNetw0rk
- Online chat (on the bottom-right corner of websites)
We will answer you as soon as possible.

10. How does the referral system work?

You get 20% of everything claimed and won (faucet claim and roll dice) by your referred users. You can get your referral link from your "referral" page.

11. I didn't get my payment. Why?

First of all, if your transaction is on "pending", wait at least the paying days (monday and thusday). It could be a blockchain congestion and all payments are delayed.
After 24 hours, if the payment is still on pending,check your Wallet Address if it's correct, we have seen that in the most cases the address is wrong (1 missing letter, addictional text, etc...). Check your email if you have received any notice about bot activities / wrong data.
At least, contact our assistance to ask about explanation.
If your payment has been rejected, we have valid proof of a fraudolent activity.

12. What faucets do you have / have you planned to open?

Currently we have four faucets. We have planned to open ten faucets before the end of the year. We have standard faucets, based on a consolidated cryptocurrency, and promising faucets, based on growing /low cap / with nice project cryptocurrency.

Working faucets:

1. CrazyBitcoin - Bitcoin (BTC) Faucet
2. CrazyTron - Tron (TRX) Faucet
3. CrazyDoge - Dogecoin (XDG) Faucet
4. CrazyLite - Litecoin (LTC) Faucet

Faucets we will open:

5. CrazyMonero - Monero (XMR) Faucet
6. CrazyEtn - Electroneum (ETN) Faucet
7. CrazyZcash - ZCash (ZEC) Faucet
8. CrazyTpay - Tokenpay (Tpay) Faucet
9. CrazyEther - Ethereum (ETH) Faucet
10. Not yet planned - any suggestions are appreciated

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